Fitness Programs


      This half hour class is held on Monday and Wednesday nights from 8:00pm-8:30pm. The friendly yet challenging drills and exercises provided in this class will give both the novice and the experienced a work out they can be proud of. Class consist of cardio, physical conditioning, kickboxing, sparring, and grappling drills and applications. Come try a class today and discover what you are truly made of. This class is for children 15 years of age and up. Some gear will be required for some of the drills (extra gear available at the school, no purchase necessary).

Open Mat Sparring:
  Our school highly believes in cross training, which is why we invite anyone who can and wants to participate on this event to join us. This is an excellent place and time to come try out your moves against new opponents. From stand up to ground fighting, we do it all. This event is open to the public and is held at the facility once a month. Please check our monthly news letter for updates on the date. Gear is required, and available at the school if needed. This is for adults only, mild contact. No experience needed.

Ultimate Dodgeball:

      Have fun while getting in shape playing one of America's greatest games, but be prepared, this game is the ultimate workout. This program works on quickly non-stop games that keep you moving and testing your reflex every second of the game. For rules and regulations please contact Mr. Alex at the school.