Ultimate Kenpo Warriors

Ultimate Kenpo Warriors
"Founded May 2007"

school front

     Owner/Head Instructor Alexander Perez began teaching in 2002. After teaching for many years at various karate schools in South Florida, he realized that most karate schools had become "belt factories"; school owners were more interested in the business of the martial arts, rather than the teachings of it. It was then when Alexander decided to open up his own place. Ultimate Kenpo Warriors was founded in May 2007. school floor

     Alexander started teaching out of his garage and backyard to a few students. Soon after, he started to rent space from other martial art schools in the area. In February 2011, with the help of his wife, family, and friends, he opened the doors to his own facility located in Deerfield Beach.
     With the help of our loyal students, our school has become one of the best karate/after-schools in the Deerfield Beach area. Due to our growth and level of excellence, we were able to move to our new facility located at 1911 W. Hillsboro Blvd.

      This facility is over 1,500 sq ft. The school is divided into two separate sections: our after-school and our training area. The after-school, is equipped with three long working tables for our students to do homework. It currently has three working stations for I-ready. Each student has a designated shelf to store their backpacks and karate uniform. The back of the after-school has a designed play area rug with legos, hotwheels, and books. Our training area, is equipped different wave-masters, kicking pads, hand/ focus pads, shelf area for sparring equipment storage, and gymnastic mats. Great sitting area for parents who are watching / waiting for their kids to finish their class. Both sides are equipped with a bathroom and own drinking station. Call now to schedule a tour of our new home!